Samir Attalah on Amway Coaches Poll

20 Oct

If you’re wondering how Amway Coaches Poll works, you can read it here brought to you by USAToday.

This is one of the many reasons why Samir Attalah chose to do business with Amway Global. #samirattalah #teamattalah


samir attalah, “build your business.”

5 Nov

Build your business, don’t be a victim. Read it here

Wells Fargo Cutting 1,800 More Jobs in Mortgage Business

20 Sep

Samir Attalah Road trip news

29 Aug

Sharing the dreams to group of winners


Pray for Egypt

15 Aug

May God protect the innocent lives & guide the leaders to do the right thing.

Samir Attalah at Kentucky/Diamond Derby 2013

15 Aug

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Saturday Night Live from Portland, OR!!

28 Jul


20% of the people keep 80% of the wealth

25 Jun

Pay attention to his endorsements. Would you like to add $1M more to him or put it back to your pocket?


“Dig your well before you get thirsty”

23 May


Student loan debt surpasses consumer debt.

14 May

Student loan debt surpasses consumer debt.

As seen in May 14, 2013 Nate Beeler, The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch, Cagle Cartoons

Samir Attalah is a smart man. He predicted couple years ago that Student loan debt will surpass consumer debt. Read full article here: